Summer is about taking time to renew, relax, and have fun with friends and family. However, we understand that life can takeover in those summer months with kids, practices, work, and social commitments. CycleBar is giving you back your shine this Summer.

Now that the 2nd half of summer is upon us, we are challenging you to a weekly CycleSummer Sprint Challenge over the next 3 weeks (between Saturday August 1st and Sunday August 23rd).

Any week, between Saturday August 1st and Sunday August 23rd (3 weeks total), that you ride 4 out of 7 days, we will reward you with an amazing prize.  The more of this Sprint Challenge that you complete, the more you win! 

How many of the next 5 weeks will you SPRINT with us?

 Sprint 1 week (out of 5) -Prize: 

 CB Sprint Tank


 Sprint 2 weeks (out of 5) - Prize:  

 CB Beach Towel + The CB Tank


 Sprint 3 weeks (out of 5) -Prize:

 CB Luxe Pool Bag + The Beach Towel & Tank


 Sprint 4 weeks (out of 5) - Prize: 

 CB Beach Chairs + The Pool Bag, Beach Towel, & Tank


 Sprint ALL 5 weeks - Prize:

 CB Beach Cooler + The Chairs, Pool Bag, Towel, & Tank

On top of the prizes, you will get a renewing and intoxicating experience in our CB studios (might we also mention that bikini body you have been dreaming of). This is the perfect prep for that end of the Summer Labor Day pool party you are planning on attending!

If you have credits on account, you can use them for the promotion, but we are offering a CycleSummer Sprint Challenge special rate for these coming week’s rides. It could be a good opportunity to save your credits and buy the packages below.

 Sprint 1 week

 4 rides for $59


 Sprint 2 weeks:

 8 rides for $112


 Sprint 3 weeks:

 12 rides for $156


Challenge yourself, Challenge your friends, Challenge your willingness to do something outside your comfort zone.

Let’s do this!