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We’ve turned up the volume on indoor cycling and hired some AMAZING CycleStars. We’ve outfitted your CycleTheatre with the very best sound and light systems and tricked out the entire studio with VIP amenities, just for you. Our CycleBeat music system is going to blow your mind and our CycleStat performance metrics are going to inspire you to your personal best, ride after ride after ride.

All that’s left in the equation is you. Our riders.

Sign up now for UNLIMITED FREE RIDES during our 10 day CycleBar Blast starting September 26th. Don’t worry if you miss it: our intro ride (30 minutes) is always free to new riders. Pick your own bike, shoes are always free. And that’s just the start of the CycleBar VIP amenities.

See you soon. We can’t wait to ROCK YOUR RIDE.

Your CycleBar Team