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Choose your experience from the offerings below:

Are you new to indoor cycling? Are you just not sure CycleBar is for you? Please join us for a free, one-time 30-minute introductory ride. You will join a small group of riders and learn all the basics from one of our friendly and experienced CycleStar instructors. You’ll be fit to the bike, oriented to the studio amenities and led on a short ride with all the CycleBar experience enhancements. You can learn about our CycleStats performance metrics and CycleBeats playlists, experience our state-of-the-art CycleTheatre, while getting to know one of our amazing CycleStar instructors.

The CycleBar Classic is our primary ride and 50 minutes of pure intoxication. You will get a perfectly choreographed mix of a Strength Ride’s upper body work, an Endurance Ride’s hills and drills,  a Connect Ride’s fusion of mind, body and music, and a Performance Ride’s personal performance metrics via CycleStats.

As the lights dim, your CycleStar instructor pumps up the volume on a wildly energetic cardio jam in our state-of-the-art CycleTheatre featuring mind-blowing video, heart-pounding audio and leading-edge CycleStats so you can track your performance in real time. 

CycleBar Strength gives you all the mind-blowing benefits of a CycleBar experience in a focused upper body strength ride. Biceps, triceps, delts, pecs, lats and traps: we’ve got you covered in this highly effective 50-minute cardio, cross-training ride. Don’t worry. There’s plenty of lower body strength building in this ride too.

Do you want to up your game? Do you want to win your ride? CycleBar Performance is a CycleStats focused ride to help motivate you and track each ride in RPM’s, calories, wattage and heart rate.  Our state-of-the-art CycleStats technology allows you to complete group challenges, compete with other riders and achieve your personal best, ride after ride after ride.

Ride your way to inner bliss! Our Connect ride combines the rigor of indoor cycling with the discipline of yoga. We deliver both the yin and the yang to create a multisensory experience that captivates and invigorates mind, body and breath. Enhanced lighting and soulful CycleBeats transform the CycleTheatre into the perfect place to revive and restore. For this ride, we turn off the videos and performance monitors and allow you to connect to your best self and to the community of riders.
CycleBar Endurance is for those who want a little extra. Our 75-minute Endurance Ride gives you more time to strengthen your heart, tone your legs and build stamina. Test your cardio limits and compete with the other riders to push yourself to the max in watts and calories burned. 

While every ride is a party at CycleBar, we like to mix it up for our riders! Look for DJ Rides, Mashup Monday, Throwback Thursday, Happy Hour, Brunch, Concert Series, MOJO Coffee Rides, and other amazing theme rides on the schedule. 

special events
There are so many ways you can use CycleBar for your own awesome party, it is hard to list them all. For as little as $300 for a private party and $200 for a non-profit fundraiser, you can book the CycleTheatre for your own private event. That includes the cost of your CycleStar Instructor! If you want libations, food, DJ or other amenities, we can work with you to create the perfect event. Read more here about Private Parties and CycleBar Charity events.